Specialised in Handling
Commercial Disputes.

Major Practice Areas

  • Shipping & Maritime

Brenda Chark & Co has extensive experience in arresting vessels for security, obtaining Mareva injunctions, making application to the UN for delisting of vessel impounded due to suspected violation of sanctions, court orders for the judicial sale of vessels pending the outcome of litigation or arbitration, negotiating damages, setting aside orders for service out of jurisdiction, application to strike out unsustainable legal actions, resisting applications for security for costs, pursuing arbitration for outstanding freight, advising on disputes arising from emission of hazardous gas from cargoes, pursuing /defending claims arising from personal injuries sustained at sea.

On the non-contentious side, Brenda Chark & Co regularly assists clients with company formation in Hong Kong, registering ships and ship finance documentation.

  • International Trade

The international trade practice of Brenda Chark & Co encompasses the recovery of outstanding price, non-delivery of cargo after the price has been paid under L/C, disputes regarding title to goods, off specifications, failure to return deposits after adjustment by reference to specifications, etc.

  • Insurance

We regularly advise substantial insurers on regulatory matters and succeeded in assisting overseas clients with obtaining the authorisation to provide mandatory insurance cover in Hong Kong. We have assisted assureds with the pursuit of claims under insurance policies and the pursuing of subrogation rights for underwriters.

  • Insolvency

Brenda Chark & Co has a highly enviable track record of conducting winding up proceedings in Hong Kong, Singapore, BVI, etc. We have successfully obtained court orders to appoint provisional liquidators where the debtors’ assets are in jeopardy.

  • Personal Injuries

We have extensive experience in representing both plaintiffs and defendants in personal injuries proceedings in Hong Kong and overseas. We have frequently succeeded in striking out unmeritorious claims very early on in legal proceedings with costs awarded in our clients favour.

  • Landlords & Tenants

We have regularly represented tenants in negotiating Tenancy Agreements, resisting landlords claim for early repossession on alleged breach of Tenancy Agreements and the extent of repairs and reinstatement on surrender of possessions.

  • Employment Matters

We have frequently advised on employment issues, including drafting employment contracts, advising on the interpretation of contractual terms, defending claims by former employees and successfully counterclaiming over payments, opposing an employer’s application for an injunction to restrain an employee from pursuing terminal payments, etc.

  • Cyber Crime

We have handled a number of disputes arising from cybercrime and have succeeded in concluding many of them by carefully considering the evidence and adopting effective measures at the very early preliminary stages.

  • Import & Export Related Offences

We have repeatedly assisted in defending various customs and excise related prosecutions brought by different government departments with legal costs awarded in favour of our clients. The key to success is to get in touch with us as soon as possible, especially before giving any cautioned statement to the authorities.

We closely monitor developments and maintain regular case assessments. We provide our clients with the best course of action based upon the specific factual matrix, tailor-made for each client.